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Brass Buster Bundle


Of all the dreaded hair woes, brassiness ranks high on the list. Brassy hair is caused by an overabundance of warm pigments in your hair...let's say when platinum blonde hair becomes too yellow or when golden highlights turn reddish-gold or orange.
Whether you're blonde, grey, white, or brunette, all hair has some measure of underlying warmth.  Chemical changes of your natural hue make yellow, orange or red tones more evident, unless steps are taken to mitigate it. These chemical changes also deplete moisture, leaving hair more stripped and crying for moisture and hydration.

Give your hair the gift of nutrition by feeding it what it needs and craves-moisture, hydration, and nutrition while keeping cool tones at bay.


If you have a fine to medium hair that is chemically or styling challenged, this is the perfect shampoo for you. For those who have chemically-treated hair, the restorative proteins and moisture in this shampoo will help create the ideal environment to encourage hair growth.  For those with damage from unprotected styling heat?  We have you covered too.

The cuticle continues to open in the shower & hot water creates prime conditions to allow color deposit towards the end of your shower. That’s why Castaway Toning Conditioner is able to quickly and easily deposit color-correcting pigments into your hair. Eliminating ‘water stops’ between deposit and styling allows for maximum color correction at home.

When depositing pigment, the least amount of water used will ensure the most amount of pigment stays in the hair. That is why we've switched from a shampoo to a conditioner! To create even better results, that last longer!⁠ ⁠The blue-violet pigment cancels out warmth from red, orange, and yellow undertones leaving a cool fi

Looking for a weightless serum that gives amazing shine without weighing it down. Then you've found it! The perfect finishing touch serum or pre-blowdry shine enhancer. This light formula won't compromise the lift and volume of your style. It is friendly to those with light hair, as its transparent formulation won't tint the blondest blonde or lightest of greys. With a subtle fragrance of red carnation, fig, musk, and sandalwood, you'll fall in love every time you catch the scent in the air.
This detangling hair brush helps deliver free detangling for wet or dry hair.  It helps smooth and defrizz while using a hair dryer and the bristles are much finer than other hair brushes.



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Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful

Key Benefits

Virtually weightless combo to cleanse hair and add all day volume and hold

Counter any warm tones to leave a cool, shiny, and protected finish

Shampoo formulated with React Technology to not build up or leave residue

Formulated with 6 non-greasy and water soluble oils.

Natural plant based UV ray and color protectants.

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Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful

Brass Buster Bundle


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