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Firm & Balanced Bundle


If you have hair that tends to be limp by midday, then you probably know what a hard time it is to achieve volume at the root without adding weight or looking greasy by the end of the day. 🙅‍♀️

Likely you've tried every product under the sun that promises instant volume that lasts all day, but the end result is greasy, crunchy hair that doesn't live up to the promise. And no one wants to spend money for limp, lifeless hair!  This bundle has you covered root to tip!

From a clean healthy scalp to hair that holds all day and even into the next, these products can rock the runway to the everyday messy bun. 
Get this bundle today while it's available! It's absolutely life-changing. Don't just take our word for it!  FibreFlex Spray is a favorite of #1 YouTuber Dominique Sachse who swears by it!  
We all need a clarifying shampoo in our arsenal of hair products, and when you have thin hair, it’s even more critical to keep your scalp in tip-top shape. Using a clarifying formula once a week can clear up any buildup on your scalp to help your hair follicles thrive. With Arnica and Rosemary, you have the perfect balance to encourage new hair growth. This formula is color-safe, has UV protectants, and 5 natural extracts to help soothe your scalp.
A universal conditioner to pair with any of our shampoos. Formulated for all hair types, this creamy conditioner will deliver moisture and strength only where it is needed. Recover moisturizes without weighing down, making this a perfect conditioner for anyone with fine or thin hair.

With a 25 botanical ingredient base, Recover’s formulation is packed with ingredients that do so much more than help you get a comb through your tangles. You want to give equal attention to moisture as you do the cleansing, and Recover’s feather-light hydration will help smooth your fly aways and frizz without weighing your hair down.

Recover encourages long-term healthy hair and scalp. This concentrated formula is sulfate-free and water-soluble, leaving your strands free of damaging buildup. Add Recover to your routine, either as a daily rinse out or 2+ minute conditioning treatment, and you’ll experience firsthand the extraordinary results of this magical conditioner.

A must-have addition to your styling routine, especially if your fine/thin hair is looking for volume! A multi-function, gel-based aerosol that can also be used as a hot iron spray for superior, long-lasting hold.  

This top-seller will add texture to your strands with a fibrous feel, without leaving behind any signs of flaking or dusting. Fibreflex is 100% water-soluble, preventing the damaging build-up on your hair follicles. This firm-hold finisher contains natural UV protectants to protect any color-treated hair and should be applied to dry hair only.

Looking for a scrunched-in curl or a good sculpting spray? Fibreflex is your new best friend! When applied to the root and allowed to dry, you can also achieve ample lift and definition. This jack-of-all-trades product can help you achieve any look you’re going for.
Get body and heat protection all in one. Heat protectants are important for thin or fine hair because they provide a protective barrier between your hair and the hot tool. Body 5ive protects hair up to 450° by preventing moisture loss and burning. To use, mist on hair, wait a few seconds, then apply heat tool to activate. 

Our dry shampoo will give you a boost of volume and soak up excess oil in seconds. A few sprays are all it takes to absorb excess grease and deliver a just-showered look. You can use it on second or third-day hair to freshen up your style or on clean hair as you're styling to add body and texture.


Balance Clarifying Shampoo: Start with damp hair and massage the product into the scalp until you have a good lather. Leave in your hair for 30 to 60 seconds. Rinse the shampoo out completely.

Recover Conditioner: Work product from ends towards scalp avoiding the last 1-2", leave on hair for 3 - 5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. To make sure the product is disbursed equally run a wide-tooth comb through your hair before letting the product sit. For a deep treatment apply on towel-dried hair and leave on for 20 minutes. You can use it with a cap and heat it under a dryer if you like for deeper penetration.

Fibreflex Spray: For root volume, simply section hair, spray at the root, flip the section in the opposite direction and continue with each section.  Once dried, flip it back and it will create a backcombed effect without the comb!  To create the ultimate beach waves, lightly spray each section prior to ironwork, the heat will soften the application, but leave behind the fibers for all-day flawless waves.
Want to define natural curls or rid hair of frizz? Spray Fibreflex on almost dry hair & air dry or diffuse.

Body 5ive: The product is activated by heat. To add a layer of protection to dry hair when using hot tools, mist on wet or dry hair, wait a few seconds, then style with heat for a luscious smooth look. As a bonus, mist this product over a finished look for smooth, frizz-free strands.

Dry Shampoo: Spray 8-10 inches from your root, wait a few minutes for the formula to work, massage into the scalp then run your fingers or comb through your hair to distribute.


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Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful

Key Benefits

Virtually weightless combo to cleanse hair and add all day volume and hold

Dry Shampoo for refreshing day 2 or day 5 hair!

Firm hold finishing spray with all day hold

Condition with moisture, hydration, & nutrition without greasy residue

Cleanse both hair and scalp without leaving hair feeling stripped

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Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful

Firm & Balanced Bundle


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