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Protein & Moisture Bundle


The distinction between healthy hair and a healthy scalp versus brittle, dry hair may be made by determining if hair requires protein or moisture. Our super easy YouTube video shows you an easy way to determine what your hair needs-now!  

Black Magic Protein Treatment

Once weekly, use this soy protein-based condition mask for amazing results in just three minutes. It makes thin strands thicker and healthier and aids in the hair's ability to retain moisture. It will smooth, add shine, and make your hair silky, making it ideal for an after-color treatment. Our black magic protein treatment is created with a botanical foundation that is gentle on thin or fine hair, healthy, and easy to rinse off. 

Recover Conditioner

The ideal complement to all of our cleansers is this universal conditioner. Your hair will remain healthier and longer if you nourish, hydrate, and repair any damage to the strands. This mixture can be applied as a deep treatment once a month or as a daily conditioner. Over time, you'll see bouncy, healthier, moisturized strands.


Balance Shampoo

Using a clarifying formula once a week can clear up any buildup on your scalp to help your hair follicles thrive. With Arnica and Rosemary, you have the perfect balance to encourage new hair growth. This formula is color-safe, has UV protectants, and 5 natural extracts to help soothe your scalp.

 Detangling Brush

No one wants to pull on hair and cause more breakage.  It helps smooth and defrizz while using a hair dryer and the bristles are much finer than other hair brushes.


Healthy Shampoo: Avoid washing hair daily. Completely saturate hair with warm water. Squeeze the shampoo in your palm, and then use your fingers to apply the product starting at the scalp and crown. Rinse completely and follow with conditioner. Recover Conditioner: Work product from ends towards scalp avoiding the last 1-2", leave on hair for 3 - 5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. To make sure the product is disbursed equally run a wide-tooth comb through your hair before letting the product sit. aiHr Hairspray: Apply as a finishing spray on dry hair. Determine the level of hold you desire (light, medium, or firm) and position the nozzle accordingly (12", 9" or 6" from the scalp). Spray in continuous motion. aiHr Dry Shampoo: To use, spray 8-10 inches from your root, wait a few minutes for the formula to work, massage into the scalp & run your fingers or comb through your hair to distribute.


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Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful

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Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful
Making thin, fine hair beautiful

Protein & Moisture Bundle


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