What Your Stylist Thinks When You Sit In Her Chair?

What Your Stylist Thinks When You Sit In Her Chair?

We all pay a visit to the hair stylist all year. We typically go to the salon, ask for our stylist, greet her, tell her the issue and our expectations, and she does her best to give us what we want. We typically choose hair stylists because of the trust we have in them. However, have you ever wondered what they think? Of you?

A stylist spends the whole day doing different hair styles for the clients and considering human nature? She might have zillions of thoughts as well. If you have ever wondered what your hair stylist thinks of you, we've got you covered!

Our Perception Of What, The Stylist, Might Be Thinking

When we go and sit on that stylist's chair, we often indulge in our insecurities. Phrases like the following are quite common:

  • "Oh! She might be thinking how careless of a person I am."
  • "He/she might judge me due to the number of damaged hairs I have."

The good news is that your stylist doesn't judge you at all. The reality is quite the opposite. She is a genuinely concerned person who wants the best for you. They don't judge your past hair choices. However, they might want to say a few things but cannot just spit them out due to the fear of offending the client.

What is Your Stylist Thinking?

We researched for you. We dispelled some falsehoods and answered some niggling questions we know you wanted to ask.

The Real Story Behind Your Cell Phone

Whenever you pick up the phone, could you give it some thought? One stylist from San Diego advised clients not to answer the phone during their appointment, although most stylists won't worry too much if you reply to a text. Another hairdresser claimed that although she didn't have a set policy about cell phones, she did worry if they prevented her from doing her job.

 "As long as they're not getting in the way or slowing down my job, I don't care." However, they frequently cause me to miss deadlines. Typically, when a client enters the room while using their phone, my appointment is delayed. Therefore, they are running overdue for their appointment.

If at all possible, put your cell phone down. If you must check it or make a call, wait until your color has finished processing before doing so.

What Separates Friends From Friendly

If your stylist seems to like working with you, they probably do. But it doesn't mean they don't have restrictions in place to balance their personal and professional lives. So don't take it personally if they don't answer your queries about your hair at midnight or if they don't have space in their timetable to hear you talk after your session.

One stylist admitted that, despite how much she loves her profession, she secretly wished her clients realized that it is still a job. Nobody wants to remain on call all the time, so she maintains a good work/life balance by setting limits with her customers.

You Won't Be A Platinum Blonde

A professional hairdresser won't compromise the condition of your hair to give you the color of your dreams. She wished her customers understood how to establish aspirations based on their respective hair and its distinctive traits.

It's critical to realize that damaging your hair severely might result from using too much product too quickly. This information will also prevent you from feeling let down if your hairdresser declines to bleach your hair platinum blonde in a single appointment. She's attempting to prevent irreparable harm to your hair, not be a buzzkill.

Empty Seats Equate To Empty Wallets

Most people imagine a supervisor or something pays us, but in reality, "we are truly not generating any money if we don't have a customer in our chair."

Why is it so crucial that you understand this? Because last-minute cancellations give hairdressers a great deal of stress. Your stylist generally won't have time to reschedule your appointment if you don't make an appearance for your appointments or cancel the day before.

This implies that they will not be earning any money during the extended time they reserved for you.  A Kansas City  hairdresser said, "we realize when a scenario comes up, and unanticipated crises arise. "we won't be compensated if you don't show up for your appointment! Additionally, it prevented someone else who wanted to visit from getting that appointment."

The Following Advice Is For Tipping Your Hairdresser

"Our customers may select from a predefined tipping amount." the decision is totally up to them; however, we often advise them that paying is only appropriate in cases of extraordinary service.

Nevertheless, your hairdresser will certainly appreciate a tip. What is anticipated? Although you are free to tip however much you choose, the typical amount is between 15% and 25% of the total cost of your visit.

The Dirty Little Secret Of Hair Washing

What about the Healium hair products your hairdresser keeps attempting to sell you after coloring your hair? I suppose all she's doing is attempting to earn some additional cash.

Wrong. You may assume that hairstylists genuinely appreciate the things they promote because they make relatively little money from product sales. They want to know that you take excellent care of your fresh haircut, but even more so.

"I find it difficult to comprehend why so many ladies spend so much money coloring their hair but ignore my product advice,"

I'm really offering my opinion on what might work best for one's hair. I don't make enough money from the goods I offer for it to just be about the money. Therefore, I want your color to last and for your hair to be healthy.


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