A Letter From The President of Healium

Most people don’t want to be defined by their past.  Mine is what defines me and our brand. I say ‘our’ because I could never, although I have tried, do this by myself.  I went into this industry & this business as a partnership. Not just any business partnership, but in my soul, in my life, in my heart with my late husband, Cordiale.  After his passing in 2017 from Stage 4 colon cancer, I continue to ask him daily to guide me, to advise me, to show me, and to be proud of me. Healium was his dream. Everyday my team and I strive to keep his dream and legacy alive. My goal is to continue working towards his dream of making Healium better and stronger every single day.  He is my motivation. Cordiale is the reason for my deep gratitude for not only every Healium salon partner and stylist, but their loyalty. I am keenly aware of just how many choices this industry has and we are so appreciative for you!

We are you.  I am you. I am taking vendor calls while in the parent pickup car line. My daughters pick up orders when there is no school.  I juggle booking flights and hotels while attending parent-teacher conferences. I worry about paying for college and who is going to pick up my kids while I’m at a client meeting.  

Our growth is explosive and it motivates me more and more everyday knowing that Healium creates products that helps women feel beautiful and more confident. Our loyal fans of the brand and new customers are part of our family and I am so grateful to have you. Client messages and reviews providing feedback on the impact we’ve made in their lives keeps the wheels turning. 

I can’t thank you all enough. Thank you!


Beth Di Maio
Healium Hair