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Treating the hair and nourshing the scalp.

When it comes to US-made paraben & sulfate-free hair care brands, Healium Hair has built a remarkable reputation among 10,000+ women with thin or fine hair.

Founded by Beth Di Maio.

Originally founded by a husband & wife team of Cordiale & Elizabeth Di Maio, Healium Hair has gone through some tough changes, with Elizabeth losing her husband to Stage 4 colon cancer in 2017. Now the sole owner, Elizabeth is building the brand to the next level of success they dreamed of while also being 100% woman, mom & widow-owned – certainly setting a shining example to the couple’s 2 young daughters Sofia & Olivia. “It’s very important for us to deliver the best products possible & build something special for myself, the people with us, & our two daughters. My husband would have loved to see the things we have & are accomplishing.”

25 botanical ingredients

Healium Hair makes professional hair care science both beautiful & beneficial. All products are fortified with 5 Exclusive Complexes & have been formulated to be virtually weightless & water soluble, leaving no residue or build up. Healium Hair products, with UV Sunscreen Protectors, provide the finest prescriptive hair & scalp care available today. By infusing products with 25 botanical ingredients, which include powerful antioxidants Vitamin C, A and E as well as moisturizers & amino acids, vitamins & natural oils, Healium Hair’s nutritional blends provide formulations that are vital in maintaining healthier hair & scalp. The long term result is balanced & healthy hair & scalp.