Healium Hair now 100% Woman, Mom & Widow Owned

& Growing In Popularity Amongst Stylists & Consumers

After the passing of the brand’s co-owner, Healium Hair continues to grow in popularity as well as target new spaces.

(July 11, 2019, Tampa, FL)       When it comes to US-made paraben and sulfate free hair care brands, Healium Hair has built a remarkable reputation. Originally founded by a husband and wife team who helped develop the brand, HEAL5IUM Hair has gone through some tough changes, losing one of the co-owners to cancer. In exciting news, now the sole owner is building the brand to the next level of success they dreamed of while also being 100% woman, mom and widow-owned – certainly set a shining example to the couple’s two young daughters. A big part of this growth is HEAL5IUM Hair products now being available to home consumers and not just salons.

“It’s very important for us to deliver the best products possible and build something special for myself, the people with us, and my two daughters,” commented the owner of the brand. “My husband would have loved to see the things we have and are going to accomplish!”

Highlights of the line include a number of different shampoo choices, hairsprays, bodifiers, leave in treatment, and much more. The brand takes an innovative approach and philosophy of treating both the hair and scalp with botanical based products that offer sunscreens for color protection in every product. 

HEAL5IUM Hair makes professional hair care science both beautiful and beneficial.  The full product line, originally founded in 2007, has products that are fortified with 5 Exclusive Complexes (Hydration, Protein, Oil, Amino Acid and Vitamins), and have been formulated to be virtually weightless and water soluble, leaving no residue or build up. HEAL5IUM Hair products, with UV Sunscreen Protectors, provide the finest prescriptive hair and scalp care available today.  By infusing products with 25 botanical ingredients, which include powerful antioxidants Vitamin C, A and E as well as moisturizers & amino acids, vitamins and natural oils, HEAL5IUM Hair’s nutritional blends provide formulations that are vital in maintaining healthier hair and scalp.  The long term result is hair that looks and feels balanced & healthy.

HEAL5IUM Hair products are specially formulated to be dual purpose — to treat hair and scalp; with dual benefits — to promote healthier hair and scalp . HEAL5IUM Hair’s distinctive fresh sky blue packaging emulates lightness and cleanliness and product fragrances are a pleasing mix of cucumber, kiwi, pear, and melon. 

Feedback for the brand continues to be passionate.

Lisa said in a five-star review of Healium Hair’s Layer One Bodifier, “I am blown away! I used the Layer One Bodifier for the first time today and I am so impressed with the way my hair looks and feels. First I should tell you that I am 60 yrs old and have highlights in my somewhat dry and thin hair. I used the Layer One as directed on damp hair and the results are stupifying! My hair is so soft but with plenty of volume. This is a rare combination for me and one that I absolutely love. I just ordered the hairspray and cannot wait to use it. I am so happy I purchased this product…you will be too.”

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Elizabeth Di Maio

President, Healium Hair Inc.